Your donation will help SPERARE expand the programs and services it offers, allowing us to reach, guide, train, and employ a larger number of beneficiaries. It's worth noting that all our services are provided free of charge.
By encouraging and supporting SPERARE, you play a crucial role in helping Lebanon remain a country of diversity and balance, where all Lebanese citizens can thrive and contribute effectively to nation-building.

To donate:
  • Direct Cash Donation: We accept cash donations at the SPERARE section of Labora Association's center.
  • Bank Transfers: You can donate via bank transfers to Labora's bank account.

    Here are the details:
    - Account Number: 310-2962603-008 USD
    - IBAN Code: LB70 0039 0000 0003 1029 6260 3008
    - Beneficiary: LABORA
    - SWIFT Address: BYBALBBX
    - Bank Name: Byblos Bank SAL
    - Bank Address: Antonine Fathers Bldg., Rahbani Bros str, Antelias, Lebanon, Tel: +961 4 417831

  • Monthly/Annual Solidarity: Every donor receives the following privileges:
  • Regular updates on all job vacancies in the private sector, training programs, and guidance programs offered by SPERARE.
  • Receipt of updated reports on SPERARE, including statistics related to all private sector activities.
  • Receipt of an annual financial report.
  • Access to information about SPERARE's financial activities.
  • Inclusion of the donor's name on SPERARE's list of partners.
  • Invitations to attend events and celebrations (guidance, training, and employment)
  • Receipt of an acknowledgment receipt and a thank-you letter in exchange for the donation.
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